Finding the right tenant is crucial when it comes to your investment property. At MYPM we work with a customized screening process to ensure that only the most reliable tenants are placed in your unit. When it comes to condominium units we ensure that our expert real estate team drafts a lease which aligns with all condominium by-laws and regulations.

Rent Collection

It is very important to us that our clients get paid on time. At least one week prior to the end of the month, tenants receive their monthly rental invoice via email. The monthly rent invoice will include a detailed breakdown of any rent and applicable lease or utility charges. Through our auto-payment system rent collection is made prompt and easy.

Financial Management

As part of maintaining close and trusted relationships with our clients, we provide you with monthly and annual financial reports with user-friendly breakdowns so you can stay informed about your investment.

Property Inspection

Our commitment to being proactive includes quarterly inspections and providing you with a comprehensive report on current and potential issues pertaining to your property. We will provide you with an inspection report before and after your tenant moves so you are constantly aware of the condition of your investment property. 

General Contracting

To maximize return on property investment, we only work with highly skilled trades people to get your project done right, within budget. As your property managers, we will oversee projects of all sizes, ensuring everything is done to your satisfaction. If you already have a preferred contractor,  we will coordinate with them and let you know once the job is done.


As leaders in the Toronto Real Estate market, we know what properties will generate profitable income. While we grow your current investments, our professional real estate consultants can help you find your next great investment. We will provide you with all the information you need about existing and upcoming opportunities in and out of the Greater Toronto Area.  


Rent Collection & Invoicing

With our auto withdrawal system there is no need for any post-dated cheques. We will collect rent automatically from your account and you will receive a notification before and after the rent has been collected.

Repairs & Inspection

Experiencing any issues? Connect with us via email or phone and we will have a contractor ready to fix the issue at your earliest convenience. As we are committed to resolving any issues before they become major problems, we will conduct quarterly inspections of the unit to ensure everything is okay and your time with us is a pleasant one. 

24/7 Support

At MYPM we want to make sure you are happy and comfortable in your home. We are available around the clock, whether it’s during the weekend or holidays to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Peace of Mind

When you work with MyPM, you can be rest assured that your property is in great hands. It is our responsibility to upkeep and control your investment to ensure quality investment growth. All you have to do, is prepare for your future investments.


Surprises? One of the most hated word in Real Estate investing. As investors, we know that we need to constantly expect the unexpected. Unwanted expenses do come up. But it is our job at MyPM to thoroughly identify, communicate and resolves issues before they become major problems. It is our job to eradicate unwanted surprises.


It takes two to tango. Your investment is our responsibility. Our high quality of services will increase the quality of your investment. The level of care that we take on your properties and the growth of your investment is the only measure of our success. You can rest assured that our services will be of great satisfaction for you.